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The autographed first EP is finally OUT  delivered anywhere on EARTH

To get it –
Fill that form with

  • your preferences – CD version or personalized card and photo abum (less pollutioution)
  • your mailing address
  • the noun for the autograph (and maybe three adjectives that describe the person – for more personalization)

You can then pay via Paypal the 10 € + 2€50 for delivery in Belgium (6€ for delivery abroad) or we will send you the starway steps via email. (For Brussels, we can deliver by hand).

All the money obtained will be reinvested in the project.

SI LE FORMULAIRE NE FONCTIONNE PAS - b-team(arobase)bastre(point)com

B-Astre is a bewitching experimental pop singer/songwriter.
She embodies the sky with her haunting voice and allows the
audience to join her in the stars.

«… a magnetic singer-songwriter who performs different facets human experiences. B-Astre, head on the stars,
feet on the ground. With her blue hair on stage, she shines while singing and speak with her powerful voice the
ways of endure some difficult experiences and picture them as stars. »
L’Avenir“Love at first sight in Liège : B-Astre,strange mix between Kate Bush,Jacques and Liszt !”
La Meuse« Beware, B-Astre is a little eccentric. But it’s not too serious, because she leads us through her world.
Wonderful lyrics, acting performance and fascinating voice.»
Gemeenschapscentrum de Zeyp
« The impact of one human can change a world. »
Festival Game Ovaire (Pianofabriek)
« Playing with dance and acting to illustrate the here and there of life… Vibrant woman on like off stage »